Related Story: Bulldogs skipper Katie Brennan banned for rough conduct, misses AFLW grand final

Western Bulldogs captain Katie Brennan has filed proceedings with the Australian Human Rights Commission over her suspension from Saturday's AFLW Grand Final.

Brennan was banned for two weeks for her sling tackle on Melbourne's Harriet Cordner in round seven.

In a statement, the club said Brennan would not play in the Grand Final this weekend, but would mount a challenge against the AFL rules.

"Katie has this morning filed proceedings with the Australian Human Rights Commission seeking to have her suspension overturned and for the AFL to amend the differences between the AFLW regulations and the AFL regulations to ensure that in future, other women players are not more likely to be suspended than men for identical conduct with identical disciplinary records," it said.

"To be clear, Katie is not seeking to play tomorrow.

"She wants her suspension overturned in time in the interests of justice, and the rules changed to make sure what happened to her does not happen to anyone else.

"Both she and the club remain resolved to right the injustice and gender discrimination which is inherent to the current AFL Rules."

Brennan's sling tackle would usually result in a reprimand, but it was her second incident of the season — Brennan accepted a rough conduct charge in round one — so the penalty was increased.

AFL, AFLW 'different competitions: McLachlan

AFL boss Gillon McLachlan said the AFL and AFLW competitions were different, and it was "unfair" to suggest the league was being sexist.

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"They [AFLW] play over seven weeks, not 22. There is a pay differential and that's being discussed — that's relevant here as well," he told 3AW.

"The finals series is different, there are 16 players [on the field] and not 18.

"So the fact that the tribunal system is different is only one of a number of differences because they're two different competitions."

But he said the league would reconsider the current rules.

"We're always reviewing the rules and if this is raised and it is actually unfair and too harsh, that will be reviewed," he said.

"It will definitely be looked at, whether there's change is a different issue. I think there's a fair question to be asked there."

Brennan says tackle on Cordner 'reasonable'

The Bulldogs lost its appeal at the tribunal on Wednesday night, where it argued the ban was discriminatory, because a male AFL player would receive a $3,000 fine and no suspension for committing the same two offences.

Fines are not issued in the AFLW due to the low pay female players receive.

Brennan said she believed her tackle on Cordner was "reasonable".

"It is even more troubling to know that if I was a man playing in the AFL and was reported for the identical tackle, I would not have been suspended and I would be playing in a Grand final tomorrow," she said.

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