Author: Sun, 2018-06-17 21:46

The Saudi Embassy in Russia, headed by Saudi Ambassador to Russia Raed bin Khaled Qarmali, has confirmed that there were no Saudis injured in the accident in central Moscow on Sunday.

The embassy added that they were immediately in touch with the competent Russian authorities to ensure that no harm befell any Saudi citizens, and also expressed their wishes for a speedy recovery to any injured individuals.

Russia has lately been the center of attention with the World Cup happening in its midst.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman visited Moscow on June 14 prior to Saudi Arabias opening World Cup match.

He was received by Saudi Ambassador to Russia Raed bin Khaled Qarmali, and accompanied by the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov and Mohammed Al-Mutairi, the Saudi military attaché in Russia.

In 2011, Qarmali was appointed deputy director of bilateral relations and head of the general directorate of the US at the Saudi Foreign Ministry; he became the ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Greece in 2012. By March 2015, the king appointed him as Saudi Arabias ambassador in Rome.

Qarmali was sworn in before King Salman in November 2017, to maintain his fealty to the Kingdom and not betray its state secrets and to fulfill his duties as ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Russia, replacing his predecessor Abdurrahman Al-Rassi.

He attended the inauguration of the General Culture Authoritys Saudi Cultural Exhibition in Russia on June 15.

The exhibition aims to shed light on Saudi Arabias culture and arts to enable visitors to get to know the rich heritage of Saudi culture and enhance their awareness about the talented creative minds in Saudi Arabia.

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