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Khaloud K. Almansour is a diplomat in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia, and also managing director of Lion Entertainment. She is experienced in the field of partnership management with a proven history of success in the communication management industry.

She managed and oversaw partnership projects of more than SR83 million ($22.12 million) with national, regional, and international corporates.

She has supervised a number of strategic partnerships across sectors and is a strong operations professional with a master of science focused on political science and government.

“Keep your head high, and look straight, scan the area, and move forward with confidence,” Almansour has advised.

“Every battle is a challenge to discover a new aspect of your personality. You do not know your limits until you test them, and for every move, youve got to be strategic.

“Thus, I identify with horse races — to create a great partnership with the horse and reach the end of the race, you must put your best qualities forward. Patience, good communication, and trust are the three words in the bible of life by which to grow and prosper with your stakeholders.”

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