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Friday on MSNBC, network host Katy Tur said it was “laughable” that President Donald Trump had only had one solo press conference in his first year.

Tur said, “He’s been dodging questions from the press for months now, really. He hasn’t had a press conference since what, February?”

She continued, “That is laughable. It’s laughable, Chris, that the president can’t stand in front of the press and take questions from the press. Other presidents — I mean, he is accessible in the Oval Office, he’s accessible in these gaggles, he’s accessible when you shout questions to him on the White House lawn, yes. But a formal press conference, where you take multiple questions on a variety of topics, he has not done. It’s whatever news of the day when he feels like talking to reporters. That’s I guess a level of transparency if you want to argue it, but it’s not true transparency.”

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