Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon, is still denying the charges of sexual harassment lodged against him, but he is now admitting that he shared a hotel room bed with his female accuser.

Former assistant Wendy Haskell, 32, recently filed a suit alleging that Moon regularly groped her and harassed her when she was traveling with him for speaking engagements, charity events, and other appearances.

Moon has strenuously denied the charges that he sexually harassed the former executive assistant, and insists he will vigorously defend himself in court against her allegations.

In an interview with KIRO radio, Moon still denied there was ever a sexual relationship, according to Pro Football Talk.

“All of that is totally untrue,” Moon told the radio hosts, “and I have witnesses that would testify to that, that were present or knew the situation. So no truth to that at all.”

But, now the former Houston Oiler is admitting that he sometimes “shared a bed” with the accuser on the road. The admission came after Haskell said Moon often forced her to sleep with him in the same hotel bed on trips.

Moon admitted that it was maybe not the “smartest thing to do,” but insisted it was not “nefarious.”

“At times we did share rooms together, and at other times we didn’t,” Moon added. “It just depended on the situation of where we were. Sometimes she was with other girlfriends, and she stayed with them, or sometimes she just met me on her own.”

Moon continued explaining it all away as merely “how our relationship started.”

Moon continued, “But again, that’s how our relationship started and we just kind of continued it that same way. And she never complained about it or said she wanted to do anything differently. So I just went along with it whenever it was presented. It wasn’t like it was planned every time to be that way, it just kind of happened sometimes that way.”

Moon has been sued for sexual harassment before. Back in 1995, when he was playing for the Minnesota Vikings, a Vikings cheerleader alleged that Moon offered her cash for sex. The case was settled out of court.

After the latest accusations, Moon stepped aside from his position as a member of the Seahawks’ game-day broadcasting team.

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