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On Tuesday’s broadcast of “MSNBC Live,” former Democratic Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman, who was on the House Judiciary Committee when it recommended impeachment articles against President Nixon, stated President Trump’s tweets about Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe may be a crime and are getting into the range of an abuse of power.

Holtzman said she doesn’t know if Trump’s tweets naming McCabe amount to a crime, but they might be an abuse of power.

She added, “I’m not going to put myself in his head. It’s pretty impossible for anybody to do that, but the objectives here are to undermine the investigation against him. That is an abuse of the power of the presidency, and he shouldn’t be doing that. He needs to stop. And on top of that, they may be criminal. I’m not an expert on the federal criminal law, but I am an expert on abuse of power, and we’re getting right into that area now and it’s very dangerous and wrong. It’s dangerous for him, but it’s more dangerous for the country. Think about the precedent it sets if a president of the United States is under investigation and he’s going to say, ‘I don’t want that one investigating me and I don’t want that one investigating me,’ and makes up stories about that. That’s not what we — that’s not the kind of country we are.”

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