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NewsWire Now (NWN) service has been launched in London and New York

NewsWire Now (NWN) service has been launched in London and New York today 12/10/2017. NWN is an international PR and News Distribution service aims at helping journalists, news outlets, companies and other bodies promote their work.

NewsWire Now (NWN) provides practical solutions for companies, organizations, businesses as well as public sector agencies to promote their Press Releases. Our client’s Press Releases will be Your story is syndicated to a wide range of news and financial and media thus they can boost their brand and objectives. NWN PR Distribution will be help you achieve online presence and convey your messages across the web.


NWN provides you with more than 300 news, business and entertainment websites.

Pitch your story to more than 5000 UK Journalists and up to 80000 Europe/World Journalists.

Track your PR distribution. Know the numbers, know the statistics.

PR Distribution Publishing report.

Achieve Presence of your PR across UK, US and European media outlets.

Up to 12 Hours PR approval. Immediate publication also available for senior clients.

FAQs about NewsWire Now

Is this effective Service?

NWN service allows you to have considerable publication of your story, product or view.

How many websites will publish my PR?

Your plan will determine the number of outlets publish your Press Release. The minimum websites that will publish your PR is 50 while the maximum may exceed 300.

Can i try the service before i subscribe?

Yes, you may publish a press release free of charge thus you can check the outcome.

How much will it cost per Press Release?

While other News Wire Services charge you $300-$500 per press release; we aim at providing competitive prices. You can only pay $90 per press release. If you choose a yearly or monthly plans the price will drop considerably.

Can Mainstream Media publish my PR?

If you wish mainstream Media to pick your PR, talk to our team to see best available package.

Can you publicize my PR to social Media?

Your PR will be syndicated to dozens of Social Media accounts related to news websites.

Will this service help my name/brand?

Certainly, our PR distribution service will make your brand seen and heard of widely.

What about Content Review?

We will review your PR to make sure your writing is sound and free of any spelling or grammar mistakes. Our review will also make sure that your PR is free of any defamation or smearing phrases etc.

News Distribution

NWN can offer tailored news distribution services to Media outlets in the UK, Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. We make sure that the key search engines will list your news stories.

Terms & Conditions

The privacy policy statement stated on this document covers the entire website owned and operated by News Wire Now (NWN). NWN is committed to protecting your privacy. Mentioned below are our information practices regarding the collection and use of information that identifies an individual, business, organization, or any other entity uniquely.

Sharing of Information

NWN operates a newswire service that distributes and broadcasts the content of press releases submitted by our registered users to various third parties. This information is limited to the text content, the graphics, and the category information of the press release. All of these are submitted by or on behalf of the originating unit. We are not responsible for personal information that is uploaded to be included in a press release intended for distribution. Sharing of such information along with a press release indicates agreement with the stated policy.

NWN has a profile section, which consists of published information submitted by or on behalf of the originating unit. All information published in this section has been unequivocally approved for distribution or broadcast by our registered users or is public knowledge.

NWN may be required to provide information to a law enforcement agency, but only as the result of a request relating to a specific legal proceeding. Users that have questions or concerns regarding this statement should contact us for further information.

Information of Account

The information collected by NWN during the account registration process is used to notify users about changes and updates to our service and to inform of changes in company policy or procedures. We firmly state that this information is not shared with any third party or organization for any purpose. If you wish to decline communication of any form from NWN, please notify us via email or through our contact numbers.

Should our privacy policy change in the future, we will post the policy changes to our website and notify you. You will have the choice of accepting or rejecting the changes.

Data Security

We make sure that industry-standard encryption techniques are used while transmitting and receiving user data. We have well established security measures in place to provide adequate protection against loss, misuse, or alteration of information that we have collected from you. Credit card information is not stored in our systems. If you feel that NWN is not adhering to its stated privacy policies, please feel free to let us know the details.

Social Media

NWN also offers social media strategy which fits your business strategy. We can help you

build up a detailed plan to realise your social media strategy. Also, help you curate, create and deploy engaging posts across all your social media platforms.

Boost your posts to reach new audiences.

Monitor and report your social media performance

Reputation Management

Our reputation management tools include a full slate of services, such as crisis response, brand preservation and strategic PR. We offer inexpensive, effective reputation management service including SEO copywriting, social media monitoring and leveraging of the company’s personal press contacts.

Mass Emails (Email Marketing)

NWN offers you targeted email marketing solutions with massive database for media and business companies. This service helps you reach out for your costumers and more wide base costumer with very targeted segmentation and clear demographics.

Media Contact
Company Name: News Wire Now
Contact Person: Jack Falisi
Email: [email protected]
City: London
Country: United Kingdom

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