So, how about these meaty hoodies?
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They say you are what you eat.

And nothing says ‘steak lover’ quite like a meat-print hoodie, amirite?

Meatheads everywhere will now be able to show just how much they live for the taste of rare beef, thanks to a spectacular array of steak-print hoodies, coursey of Rose Gal.

They come in three meat types – ‘lean’, ‘steak’ and ‘raw’ (which comes complete with strips of fat, yum).

Mercifully, the brand has a 60% off sale running at the moment – a small mercy for couples everywhere, especially if you’re thinking ahead for Steak and BJ Day. Clearly, Veganuary is taking its toll on the beef fashion market.

Just think – one of these could be yours for only $23.99 (£17.50)!

And if you’re wondering what you’d pair such a cool, subtle jumper with, we’ve got the answer:

The hoodies come in a vast array of sizes

Waiting for someone to ask ‘what exactly is at stake here?’

— Armand D'Angour (@ArmandDAngour) January 16, 2018

Who knows how and why they’ve come into existence

Marketing Meeting: "I like the jackets, but they are a bit ordinary. Maybe beef them up a bit?"
Design student: "ON IT".

— Dr*T (All I wanted was an edit button) (@Dr_star_T) January 16, 2018

But we’re sure glad they have, and at a discount too

You’d have thought a product being that rare would push the prices up

— George Reynolds (@go_scriptor) January 16, 2018

Happy shopping!

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