While discussing the political implications of the government shutdown on Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks argued it would be “ruinous” for the Republican Party if it turns into the party of Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) on immigration.

Brooks stated, “In the short term, it probably redounds to both parties’ ill will. Nobody’s going to be persuaded here. The polls say, ‘Who’s to blame?’ Democrats say the Republicans are. Republicans say the Democrats are. … In the medium term, 2018, if it matters in 2018 — and I think the parties’ basic posture on immigration will matter– I agree with Mark. It’s bad — if you’re a red state senator trying to hold onto your seat, this is a bad posture for you. It’s just not good.”

He continued, “In the longer term, of course, if the Republicans maintain the party, not only of Donald Trump, but they turn into the party of Tom Cotton, who wants to cut legal immigration by 50 percent, then that, to me, is ruinous for the party.”

Brooks later argued that Democrats could mess up the 2018 election, “[I]f they have a base election, if they go — if they make their voters in New York, and San Francisco and LA super happy, but make the voters in Indiana and Tennessee and Missouri super unhappy. And that — they risk that sort of fissure with this.”

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