Author: ASEEL BASHRAHEELTue, 2018-02-06 03:00ID: 1517866191385225800

JEDDAH: The Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Jeddah celebrated its annual Korean Movie Night as part of the Asian Consuls General Club’s 11th Asian Film Festival on Sunday.
“It’s an opportunity for audiences in Jeddah to get a glimpse of what Korean movies are like,” acting Consul General Youn Ho Kang told Arab News.
“Last year, we showcased a historical movie to introduce not only history but the origin of our culture,” he continued. “We’re more excited about this year’s choice as we wish to introduce 21st century Korea, specifically the youth, to Saudi Arabia. In Korea, young men have to enlist in the military for two years, and the movie we picked depicts the difficulties and adjustments the young returning soldiers undergo as they morph into the ‘returning boy.’ I’m very excited to share this indie black comedy film with everyone.”
This year’s festival could not have come at a better time, as Saudi Arabia prepares to reopen movie theaters in a matter of months.
“It is certainly a great opportunity to showcase Korean films when Saudi cinemas reopen,” Kang said. “Our entertainment sector is very advanced and we have good infrastructure. It also helps that Saudis are familiar with K-pop stars and dramas. Korean drama and film are family-oriented, and there are common values and sentiments that the Saudi audience would enjoy.”
The independent film screened for Korean Movie Night, “The King of Jokgu,” tells the story of a young college student who has just finished his military service, and his burning passion to restore the excitement of college life through jokgu — a hybrid of volleyball and football which is popular with soldiers.
In this dark comedy, Man-Seob (Ahn Jae-Hong), the protagonist, struggles to reconnect with life as a college student after being discharged from the military. He starts playing jokgu at the university to win the heart of the campus queen, Anna (Hwang Seung-Un), as he leads the team through the championships.
The movie received warm cheers as its closing credits ran.

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