Theresa May will give a major speech outlining the government's negotiating position for the future relationship after Brexit next Friday.

Last night the Prime Minister succeeded in uniting the Remainers and Leavers in her Brexit war Cabinet after a gruelling eight-hour session of discussions and presentations appeared to end with success for those pressing for managed divergence.

The 11 ministerial members and assorted Whitehall officials hammered out a position that will set the tone for trade negotiations to begin in April.

It is thought the key points are broadly along the lines of what was set out by Brexit secretary David Davis last week, with Davis and key ally Boris Johnson fending off the softer Brexit approach of chancellor Philip Hammond. Negotiators will argue that the UK should take back control over rules and regulations, but opt into alignment on certain areas such as goods standards to protect trade.

The meeting, which took place in Tudor mansion Chequers, was not all business: the ministers were fed a three course meal starting with cream of sweetcorn soup, followed by slow-braised Guinness short rib of beef and then lemon tart.

However, just because the UK government has finally agreed a position doesn't mean that's what the end state will be: yesterday, just hours before the away-day started, Brussels published its latest position paper, showing that May's "three basket approach" was not consistent with their red lines.

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