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RIYADH: Saudi Arabias cabinet has condemned Iran-backed Houthi militia attacks on the Kingdom.
The cabinet statement read by the Saudi Minister of Information, in a session led by King Salman, thanked allies for standing in solidarity with the Kingdom after Saudi air defense units intercepted seven ballistic missiles launched toward Riyadh.
King Salman reiterated his countrys willingness to stand firm and defend the Kingdom from any attacks aimed at citizens, residents, and the security and stability of Saudi Arabia.
Meanwhile, the Saudi government statement said that Houthi militia attacks are “clear evidence of Irans meddling and its destructive role” in the region.
The cabinet meeting also discussed the continued attempts to attack Saudi Arabia, and the statement blamed Iran for being behind the missile attacks on the Kingdom
Saudi Arabias government paid tribute to the air defense systems and their ability to intercept and destroy incoming missiles launched by the Houthis from Yemen .
The government said it sees in the continued attacks by Houthi militia a “clear Iranian involvement in supplying Houthi with advanced ballistic missiles in clear defiance of United nation security council resolutions 2216 and 2231.”

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