After Morgan Spurlock came forward in December to admit his indiscretions and sexual misconduct, he left his post at his production company and his well of projects started to dry up including his TNT docuseries Who Rules The World? which, much to his chagrin, centered on the most divisive and complicated issues facing women today. As a result, Turner Entertainment Networks has filed a lawsuit against him.

The show was in the early stages of development and was a project executive produced by Spurlock and produced by his company Warrior Poets alongside Sarah Jessica Parkers Pretty Matches and Refinery29. When the news came out, Parker and Refinery29 suspended production on the unscripted series. Fast forward to today and Turner Entertainment Networks has filed a lawsuit against the documentary filmmaker alleging that he failed to communicate with the network and did not return the production funds after stepping down from the project.

The suit was filed on Tuesday in a federal court in Los Angeles. According to the suit, Turner reached out to Spurlock via letter to let him know that TNT had the right to take over the production. They asked for financial data from the show and did not receive any response. They also demanded a return of funds in the production account which was also met with no response from Spurlocks camp.

In December 2017, Spurlock stepped down from his New York-based production company Warrior Poets which he found with Jeremy Chilnick in 2004 after penning a confessional essay in which he revealed that a woman he slept with in college “believed she was raped” and that he now sees himself as “part of the problem.”

Spurlocks confession prompted Sundance to pull his documentary Super Size Me 2 from the fest. He was also dropped as executive producer of Showtimes docuseries The Trade.

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