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JAZAN: The Armed Forces Exhibition, which is participating in the second edition of the “Pride and Appreciation” event at the waterfront of the northern Corniche in Jazan city, witnessed a great turnout of visitors from inside and outside Jazan.
The exhibition, in which all military sectors — ground, air defense and navy forces — participate, includes many weapons and capabilities used by soldiers to defend the homeland, such as tanks, rocket launchers, field artillery, vehicles and weapons of various caliber, satellite communications that serve the battlefield, ammunition, air support, communications and maintenance, and search-and-rescue devices used by rescue aircraft.
The exhibition also includes a number of models of missiles, artillery, air defense weapons, minesweepers, unmanned aerial vehicles, combat Apache helicopters, day and night-vision devices, as well as communications devices used to send telegrams and for communication missions, and many models and remnants of missiles destroyed by the Air Defense Forces.
The Border Guards wing also includes many search-and-rescue tools, as well as a corner containing pictures of martyrs of duty from the staff of the Border Guards. SPA

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