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JEDDAH: King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Aid (KSRelief) distributed 1,000 food baskets to the villages of the Wadi Al-Milh salt valley in Nahm directorate of Sanaa governorate, benefiting 6,000 people, the SPA reported.
The distribution comes within the relief and humanitarian projects provided by the Center to all governorates of Yemen without discrimination. Earlier this month, KSRelief distributed clothes, blankets and rugs among 6,000 people in Yemens Marib governorate.
KSRelief also distributed aid in the village of Qayfa in Ould Rabie directorate of Baidhah governorate.
On March 28, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates gave $930 million to UN humanitarian efforts in Yemen.
Saudi Arabia presented the previously pledged donation to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres last week. The Arab worlds poorest country is in the grips of a stalemate war and what the UN calls the worlds worst humanitarian crisis, with 22 million people needing aid.
In February, KSRelief also signed six agreements worth $3 million with various organizations in Riyadh to help Yemenis displaced and injured by Houthi militias actions.

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