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JEDDAH: Urbanik is a clothing line inspired by day-to-day Arabic, Saudi cultural elements with themes from Saudi upbringing.
The clothing line was established in February 2017 and launched its first collection during Saudi Comic Con 2017 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
It is managed by three Saudi partners: Faisal Alsowayegh, 32; Sari Qablawi 36; and Abdullah Bogis, 36) who all work in the advertising industry, where they met.
The clothing line revealed their newest collection, “Old is Gold,” during Saudi Comic Con 2018 in Jeddah.
The collection holds elements that reflect almost every Saudi house.
“Our hero here, a VHS tape with all the names of different tapes that usually every house in Saudi has,” said Alsowayegh, pointing to one of the most popular designs.
The three partners have a vision to expand their collection items, growing from just T-shirts to different products, from pants, hoodies, pins, and posters.
At the moment, the shop is mobile. Urbanik sells its products through Instagram, (@urbanikbrand) and regional events. The Saudi clothing line is looking to expand.
The partners aim to provide clothes that reflect elements any Saudi can relate to, revive a sense of nostalgia and spread the message of peace and modesty through style.

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