Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels lawyer, announced on Twitter today that he has filed a renewed motion to depose Donald Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen in regards to Cohens $130,000 payment he gave the adult film star prior to the 2016 election.

Avenatti tweeted the documents on Trumps favorite social media platform.”Here is the renewed motion we just filed seeking to depose Mr. Trump and Mr. Cohen, as well as an expedited jury trial,” tweeted Avenatti.

On Thursday, a federal judge temporarily blocked and called Avenattis initial attempt to depose the former Celebrity Apprentice host premature.

The renewed motion file says that Daniels case calls for a deposition of Trump and Cohen for no more than two hours as well as 10 requests for production of documents directed at Trump and Cohen. The motion “centers on a dispute concerning whether a settlement agreement, containing a mutual release and terms of non-disclosure, was ever formed between the parties.” In addition, Avenatti is seeking an expedited trial in order to void an NDA signed by Daniels and Trump. He claims that Trump did not sign it and that the agreement is not valid.

Daniels, who recently spoke to Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes about her alleged affair with Trump, has been a staple in the new cycle as of late. She says that she was paid to stay quiet about the aforementioned alleged affair.

Read the renewed motion in the tweet below.

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