Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg is set to take personal responsibility for data breaches on the social media site when he appears before US politicians on Wednesday.

In the testimony he is due to give to the House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce, Zuckerberg will say that Facebook “is an idealistic and optimistic company” which made mistakes.

Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where it was found that millions of Facebook users had their data harvested and used to influence elections, Zuckerberg will propose limiting app developers access to data and giving users “better controls”.

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With regards to accusations that Russia-linked organisations also used Facebook to help influence the US elections, Zuckerberg will say he is improving security and strengthening advertising policies.

However, he will concede that the site was “too slow to spot and respond to Russian interference”.

“I started Facebook, I run it, and Im responsible for what happens here,” Zuckerberg will say.

“It was my mistake, and Im sorry.”

Facebook was set to start notifying users today of whether their information had been used by Cambridge Analytica. Around 87m people are thought to be affected, a small proportion of whom were based in the UK.

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