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Paris: Saudi Arabias Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has praised the strong relationship between his country and France after an official visit to the country, where he met with President Emmanuel Macron.

In a joint statement from Saudi Arabia and France, the two countries said they shared a “common goal of achieving peace, stability and security” in the Middle East, and that both countries had decided to open a “new and promising chapter” in their relationship.

The statement went on to say that both Saudi Arabia and France will work together to address the global challenges faced by the international community, including climate change and human development.

It added that Saudi Arabia and France are both committed to tackling the financing of terrorism, and both agree on the need to prevent Iran acquiring nuclear weapons.

The joint statement also highlighted the fact that both countries are committed to finding a “political solution” to the ongoing situations in Yemen and Syria, and called for the world to hold accountable those involved in chemical attacks.

In a cable of thanks to President Macron, the crown prince said: “Our discussions have proved the strength of the relations between our two countries and the common desire to deepen our cooperation in all fields.”

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