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Mohammed Al-Sulami Jeddah: Participants in the sixth “Storm of Thought Coalition” Forum, which was concluded today, praised the Kingdoms leading role in fighting terrorism and extremism. They also valued the kings and the crown princes continued support of the Islamic Alliance and their strong stand against Iranian interventions which have generated unrest and sedition in the Arab region.
The forum was held on April 7-10 and was organized by the Saudi Journalists Association in the conference center at the headquarters of Saudi Press Agency (SPA).
Participants also praised the Kingdoms role in maintaining international peace and security and its active role with the countries taking part in the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen through its “decisive storm” operation. They also valued the Kingdoms humanitarian efforts to restore a decent life for the Yemeni people.
The participants called for an intellectual and media strategy to be adopted to face the Iranian interventions and expansion in the Gulf and in the Arab world.
They asked for the strengthening of the internal Arab front through all media and communication websites. This, they said, would activate regional cooperation between Arab countries while uncovering the means used by terrorist organizations to lure young Arab men and women. It could also help with the exchange of experiences in fighting terrorism and extremism between Arab countries.
Participants in the forum said the continental alliances should be taken into consideration and the chances of benefiting from them should be improved. This would lead to the formation of integrated continental systems either in Asia for Asian-Arab countries, or in Africa for Arab-African countries.
The participants also asked for the widening of the “Storm of Thought Coalition” role internationally and for the promotion of its scientific initiatives. This could be accomplished by allowing cooperation with different institutions, institutes and research and academic centers all around the world.
They also valued the importance of developing a religious discourse that counters the ideological discourse adopted by extremist organizations.
It should be based on spreading the culture of hope, tolerance and peaceful coexistence according to Islamic teachings and universal human values.
The participants were satisfied that the UAE will host the “Storm of Thought Coalition” Forum in its seventh edition on Oct. 8-9, 2018. The UAE was represented by the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research.
The Forum also witnessed the honoring of the late journalist Turki Al-Sudairi.
A number of elite intellectual, cultural and media personalities in the Arab world participated in the event.
They took part in the forums four sessions that were filled with positive dialogue and looked forward to all that serves the advancement of the Arab mentality.

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