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Makkah: Spreading moderation in the Muslim world will be an enormous task that will present Islamic scholars with numerous challenges, Sheikh Dr. Saleh bin Mohammed A-Talib, Imam and Preacher of the Grand Holy Mosque in Makkah, has said.

He was addressing the 12th batch of guests of the Program of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for Umrah and Hajj.

Al-Talib stressed that the program seeks to build bridges of communication among Islamic scholars around the world in order to discuss thorny issues and challenges facing Islamic nations, and to overcome obstacles to deploying the true Islamic religion.

“A big task rests on our shoulders that is to identify and defend the true status of Islam, which is a religion of peace and teaches us love, peace, brotherhood, equality, humanity, way of life, justice and tolerance,” he added.

Al-Talib emphasized the importance of unifying Muslim ranks to counter the impending dangers so as to avoid disintegration and fragmentation, and instead to embody the concept of Islamic fraternity, which is based on love and honor.

“Our Islamic fraternity which gathers Muslims from the far west to the far east and makes us one secure nation, impels us to cooperate and sense the fraternal tie. We should never allow anyone to penetrate our rank to stoke division, suspicion or disintegration.”

“Islam has been under fire since 1,439 years ago. However, its power increases with new people reverting to Islam each and every day,” Al-Talib said. He noted that the largest Muslim country today in terms of population is Indonesia, which did not witness for 1,400 years any battle on its soil because people there reverted to Islam through trade and commercial dealings or by addressing the intellect.

He reassured the Islamic scholars that Islam cannot be weakened and shall prevail.

Dr. Abdul Hamid Al-Ameen, Head of the Mercy Relief Society in Norway, emphasized the significant role played by Saudi Arabia under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman in caring for Muslims and serving Islam.

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