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Al-Raidah Digital City is a project that aims to spread, consolidate and upgrade the information technology and communication sector in Saudi Arabia.

The architectural and technical designs of this project intends to provide a unique environment that will attract, maintain and motivate talent.

The project, managed and supervised by Al-Raidah Investment Co. (RIC), aims to support the business needs of technology companies.

All installations have been specifically designed for the information technology and communications industry, with the aim of increasing opportunities for Saudi people.

The project hopes to create a unique environment that will attract, maintain and motivate talent, building a sophisticated and innovative IT community, as a valuable asset to the countrys economy.

The Digital City also opens the way for information technology companies around the world. It paves the way for local and global investments from companies interested in or are already adept in the IT field.

Technology City is a combination of a scientific and recreational environment, providing residential facilities, cafes, parks, as well as technology companies, support services and research and development facilities. It relies on next-generation technologies and is controlled by a classified data center. It also manufactures high-tech IT products, prototype and research development, serves as a consulting agency and runs technology business incubators.

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