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JEDDAH: The minister of labor and social development, Ali Al-Ghafees, said his ministry will continue to enhance occupational safety and health for private-sector facilities.

This will be accomplished by strengthening legislation, regulation and supervision, raising awareness, and increasing national resources and personnel, he added.

During the inauguration of the National Forum on Occupational Safety and Health in Riyadh on Saturday, Al-Ghafees said: “The forum is one of the most important outcomes of the Strategic National Program for Occupational Safety and Health.”

He added: “The program is one of the ministrys initiatives in the National Transformation Program. It also contributes to the accomplishment of the Kingdoms Vision 2030.”

The two-day forum, organized by the ministry, comes in conjunction with the International Day for Occupational Safety and Health.

Al-Ghafees thanked King Salman and the crown prince for their support in developing the labor market and work environments, and making them more attractive and competitive globally.

“The ministry… aims to promote the concept of work-environment attractiveness. This will lure national personnel and establish a competitive and effective labor market, which will improve the status of the Kingdoms economy,” the minister said.

“The ministry, based on its belief in the importance of worker safety and health, seeks to make this the work environments most attractive element,” he added.

“This will be accomplished through the necessary legislation and regulations, and monitoring their implementation,” he said.

“Occupational safety and health is a joint responsibility. It is an integrated process that includes government agencies, employers and employees. All of us are aiming to protect worker safety and health.”

Al-Ghafees announced the second edition of the Safety Pioneer Award, which encourages facilities to abide by occupational safety, and health requirements and practices.

He urged all parties that meet the requirements to take part in the initiative. After the forums conclusion, he toured the accompanying exhibition.

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