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Muslim World League launches emergency campaign for flood-affected people in Mozambique

Tue, 2018-05-01 23:33

JEDDAH: The Muslim World League (MWL) has launched an emergency humanitarian relief campaign to alleviate the situation of rain- and flood-affected people in northern Mozambique.

The Mozambican prime ministers representative, Veronica Lenga, conveyed the PMs greetings to Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa, secretary-general of the MWL, for his quick response in providing aid and its large humanitarian projects, especially in the southern African countries.

Teams of the MWL have helped more than 13,000 people affected by the heavy rains that caused flash floods in Mozambique. Emergency humanitarian relief included 2,500 food baskets and large quantities of raw materials and agricultural equipment.

The emergency relief targeted Nampula province, one of the neediest and poorest regions in northern Mozambique with more than seven million people. The relief campaign comes within the framework of the comprehensive programs implemented by the International Association for Relief, Care and Development (IARCD) for the purpose of helping the poor, the needy and victims of disasters in Africa, to achieve sustainable development and poverty reduction on the continent.

The secretary-general of the IARCD, Abdul Aziz Sarhan, made clear that directives of MWLs secretariat also included the province of Angoche. The governor of the affected province, Khonsika Munil, thanked the relief team affiliated with the MWL for coming to this far region and providing support and aid to affected families who lost thousands of houses owing to flash floods that have not been witnessed in the region for many years.

Sarhan pointed out that the MWL provided relief and health assistance to the neediest people in Mozambique amounting to SR8,595,676 ($2,292,180) from which more than 454,242 people have benefited over the past 20 years, stressing that the league would implement many humanitarian projects in the coming days.

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