The next big thing in fashion is completely failing to do up your jeans
(Picture: Farfetch)

Dont panic if youre suddenly feeling passé in your skinny jeans – the world of denim-related fashion moves fast.

Weve had see-through jeans, buttless jeans, jeans that are hardly jeans at all.

And now, the next big thing in jeans fashion is absolutely failing to do them up.

Like, truly, completely failing. The type of failing that would make you think f*** it, Im going back to bed.

Imagine yourself at your most tired and bleary-eyed. Thats how you must now do up your trousers, with the zip unzipped and the buttons in the wrong holes.

Inspiration for this trend comes from Y / Project, who are selling a pair of baggy waist jeans for the bargain price of £400.

Y / PROJECT Baggy Waist Detail Jeans Credit: Farfetch Source:
(Picture: Farfetch)

The jeans have an extra waistband on top that you can leave casually half-done-up with the rest hanging down on your hips. Theres even some extra leg length to make it look like you really have given up half way through getting dressed.


The good news is that you dont have to spend hundreds to recreate the look.

Y / PROJECT Baggy Waist Detail Jeans Credit: Farfetch Source:
(Picture: Farfetch)

Just pull some jeans up to your thighs and stop there. Waddle around for the rest of the day. You look super chill and casual, like you dont give a damn… which is exactly what were going for.

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Make sure to tuck in your top so everyone can see youre unable to match buttons with button holes, and feel free to match with a super on-trend half a jacket.

This is fashion now, pals. Dont try to question it or retreat back into your bootcuts. Just accept the absurdity and enjoy.

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