Fri, 2018-06-08 01:31

JEDDAH: Cooperation between Saudi Arabia and the UAE is expected to grow as a result of a new strategic partnership agreement.

The two countries have developed a unified vision that aims to boost their global stature through the implementation of 44 joint projects. The Alaazm (Determination) Strategy was developed over 12 months by 350 officials from both nations, involving 139 governmental, sovereign and military bodies.

By focusing on three main areas — the economy; humanity and knowledge; and politics, security and the military — it seeks to promote closer ties on economic and security matters, as well as improving the living standards of citizens.

“The strategic partnership between Saudi Arabia and the UAE will solidify the cooperation between the two allies, which already stands on firm ground,” said Maha Akeel, a Saudi analyst. “And it will boost their potential in achieving joint objectives and projects — especially given that the partnership includes diverse areas including security, investment, industry and technology — through the pooling of their resources and points of strength.

“It does represent a model for cooperation between two countries, with its detailed projects and structure, timetable and mechanism for implementation.”

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed chaired the first meeting of the Saudi-Emirati Coordination Council in Jeddah on Thursday, during which its structure was announced.

The leaders of the two countries have set a timescale of five years to implement the strategys projects, which aim to build an integrated model that supports joint GCC cooperation and contributes to protecting their interests, in addition to creating new opportunities.

The council seeks to develop its joint vision to deepen bilateral relations, in line with the objectives set by the Gulf Cooperation Council to strengthen economic integration and develop innovative solutions for the optimum use of resources, while building an efficient and integrated education system to create a qualified, modern workforce.

Abu Dhabis crown prince said the two countries have an opportunity to create an exceptional model of cooperation for the Arab world.

He added that the solidarity and unity of Saudi Arabia and the UAE “protects our interests and strengthens our economies and builds a better future for our citizens.”

On the sidelines of the coordination councils first meeting, 20 memorandums of understanding were signed to implement projects from the Alaazm Strategy.

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