Author: Sun, 2018-06-10 05:12

JEDDAH: Saudi Arabias embassy in Moscow has issues a guide list for citizens planning to attend the FIFA World Cup matches in Russia.

A statement published on local newspapers said Saudi citizens are advised to carry their passports all the time along with a FAN ID, an identification document required by the Russian authorities.

It also said citizens should register their residential address at the Immigration and Passport Department, while advising them to ensure the accuracy of their personal data.

Upon arrival, citizens should register their passports at the embassy through the Foreign Ministrys website.

It also urged citizens to avoid crowded areas, walking late at night, and to stay away form suspicious individuals.

The embassy encouraged the citizens attending the football matches to cheer for their national team, and avoid any racial, national, religious remarks at or outside the stadium.

It also advised passegners not to carry on more than $10,000 or 9,000 euros while traveling, otherwise they have to inform authorities.

It advised them to avoid stopping taxi cars on street and to rely instead on authorized taxi-calling apps such as UBER, GETT and YANDEX.

It reminded citizens that smoking indoors is not allowed, and carrying cash in foreign currency is a must, since Saudi riyals are not accepted.

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