Author: Mohamed ChebaroSun, 2018-06-10 19:35ID: 1528648659088405300

JEDDAH: Seasonal food stalls or kiosks, commonly known as Bastas, are among Jeddahs most popular features during Ramadan.
Makeshift stalls decorated with Hijazi-style designs are set ahead of Ramadan to attract the people of Jeddah, with crowds turning out for a taste of traditional Hejazi food during the holy month nights.
A series of pictures captured by the Saudi Press Agency showed people as they flocked to these Bastas before Iftar, to buy food, and keep up with an old tradition, passed from one generation to the other.
They serve various traditional foods, drinks and desserts from Jeddah, among them are Luqaimat or sweet dumplings, pancake-like Qatayef, Samosas, rice, biscuits, custard and various forms of Kunafa.
For the drinks, they offer Sobia, Tamr Hindi, and magneta colored karkadé, made from Hibiscus tea. Different types of foul or fave beans are on the menu prepared according to Hijazi traditions.

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