A debate over white culture between Los Angeles Clipper forward Sam Dekker and Bronson Koenig, a former University of Wisconsin teammate, has caused an uproar on Twitter.

The problem started when Koenig, who is part white and Native American, tweeted out an article that questioned white peoples culture. Dekker rose to the bait, tweeting back, “Dont put it in my face that being a white guy is something Im supposed to be ashamed of. Im proud of who I am and so should you. But youre Native American and also white BK. This article speaks very many untruths about most of our culture that we supposedly dont have…”

Given that the Clippers already have a somewhat sordid history regarding race – former owner Donald Sterling was booted from the league for life when recordings surfaced of him asking a former girlfriend not to bring black friends to his games – Dekkers remarks raised eyebrows and a fierce flurry of tweets.

Dekker later deleted his initial remarks and posted an explanation on what he meant. After a Clippers fan said he was “kind of embarrassed” that he was on his team, Dekker again responded: “All I tried to say was to be proud of who you are. Thats it. No need to bring other people down. I dont see the problem in it but youre entitled to your opinion.”

Adding to the online exchanges was entertainment and digital media attorney Matt Bilinsky, who got into it with one Twitter antagonist and actually bought him a plane ticket to come discuss the matter face-to-face.

Im trying to enjoy myself out here and yall are trying to spin the words “Im proud of who I am and so should you” into something bigger. Go get a hobby or have a beer. Im not gonna entertain all this nonsense. #LoveYall

— Sam Dekker (@dekker) June 14, 2018

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