Author: Mohamed ChebaroWed, 2018-06-20 16:53ID: 1529503283283486800

RIYADH: The Saudi Food and Drug Authority has inspected 2698 food establishments during a campaigns that lasted three months to ensure all establishments are committed to highest standard of health and hygene.
The authoritys executive said they had carried 3574 campaigns to inspect 2698 food establishments, according to the Saudi Press Agency.
During the last 3 months, the authority halted the production lines in 75 factories due to violations. It also destroyed 778 tons of food not suitable for consumption, and 43,336 liters of water not suitable for drinking.
The number of food storage establishments and food distribution centers that were inspected during this period has reached 1789, during which SFDA inspectors seized 15.7 tons of violating food products.
SFDA inspectors also investigated 665 factories, and stopped the production lines of 37 of them and seized 778.5 tons of non conforming food products.
The agency also inspected 244 bottled water factories, and has stopped the production line of 38 factories, and seized 43,336 liters of water not suitable for drinking.
The authority referred 12 cases of commercial fraud to the Public Prosecutors Office and applied fines and penalties to 45 food establishments.

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