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JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia has told the Human Rights Council that the Syrian crisis has entered a serious and unprecedented stage in human history.

Despite urgent appeals and UN resolutions calling for the opening of humanitarian corridors, the Syrian regime and its allies were continuing their military operations, siege and displacement of civilians from towns and villages, Saudi Arabias UN representative said.

In Saudi Arabias speech during the interactive dialogue with the International Committee to investigate violations in Syria, Dr. Fahd bin Obaidullah Al-Mutairi, the head of the Human Rights Department of the Permanent Delegation of Saudi Arabia to the UN in Geneva, reiterated the Kingdoms stance toward the Syrian crisis.

He said that the longest siege witnessed in the modern era, which lasted more than five years in eastern Ghouta, had ended. Thousands of innocent people had suffered along with the displacement of more than 140,000 civilians.

The brutal methods of the regime forces had psychologically and physically affected civilians, especially women and children, due to their being subjected to almost daily bombardment and intimidation.

Al-Mutairi thanked the commission for its update to the Human Rights Council, which showed the extent of the suffering of the Syrian people and the grave violations taking place, especially by the forces of the Syrian regime and its cooperating militias.

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