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DUBAI: The United Nations Secretary-General for Political Affairs confirmed that the technical assessments conducted by the UN on the missile fragments fired at Saudi Arabia were Iranian manufactured, the UAEs press agency WAM reported on Thursday.

Rose Marie DiCarlo said that the five missile fragments that were found in the areas of Yanbu and Riyadh in July 2017 were similar to the Iranian missile type “Qiam-1,” with the words “Made in Iran” written on some of the components of these missiles.

Saudi Arabias air defense forces intercepted and destroyed several ballistic missiles launched by Iran-backed Houthi militia in Yemen over the past year.

In her testimony before a UN Security Council session on Wednesday evening, DiCarlo revealed UN tests on other weapons seized on a boat intercepted at sea by the UAE which contained Iranian explosives.

DiCarlo said that some of the weapons and materials tested had been manufactured in Iran, however stated that the United Nations was not able to verify whether those materials had been transferred from Iran after 16 January 2016 – when the Iran nuclear deal came into effect and international sanctions were lifted on Tehran.

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