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JEDDAH: Young Saudis are keenly taking part in the “Leadership Boot Camp Program” organized by the Youth Leaders Community (YLC) in cooperation with the Ministry of Educations General Directorate of Talents and the University of Business and Technology. The program will continue through July 13 in which 60 Saudi talents aged between 15-18 years are participating.
“The program focuses on empowering participants with the latest concepts, skills and leadership habits in an inspiring environment. It also re-enforces the core values of responsibility and taking initiatives that help in the overall social development in accordance with Life Quality Program 2020,” said Hussein Al-Gamdi, YLC general supervisor.
The General Directorate of Talents has nominated 40 talents from different Education Directorates across the Kingdom. The remaining 20 talents, male and female, have joined out of their personal interest.
“The main objective of the Leadership Boot Camp Program is making great young leaders, who are responsible and confident. The program implements the cognitive model known as Real life that allows participants to cultivate the strong leadership mentality and character relying on 8 skills including setting an example, effective communication, achievement, leadership, heritage, determination, strong belief and empowerment,” Al-Ghamdi said.

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