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The Egyptian Embassy in Riyadh celebrated their National Day with an invited audience of VIP guests, including a member of the royal family, senior diplomats and business leaders.

Prince Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Abdul Aziz, acting governor of Riyadh, represented the Saudi government at theNational Day celebrations on Tuesday night at the Egyption Embassy.

The ceremony was also attended by Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Protocol Affairs Azzam bin Abdulkarim Al-Qain, members of the diplomatic corps accredited to the Kingdom and members of the Egyptian community in the Kingdom.

Egyptian Ambassador Nasser Hamdy said that the 66th anniversary celebrated a turning point in the history of modern Egypt.

It was “an expression of our peoples aspiration for independence, which redefined the Egyptian foreign policy and relations with the Arab world, African countries and with the Islamic world, which is very much valued even today by the Egyptian state under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi,” he said.

He added that Egypt seeks to strengthen its relationship with all these friendly countries, considering it as pillar of growth.

Hamdy said: “I would like to refer to the ongoing cordial and prosperous Egyptian-Saudi brotherhood under the visionary leadership of King Salman and President El-Sisi.”

He added that the leaders of the two countries are acting as the safety valve for the Arab region against internal and external threats and that the two countries will continue to remain united in the interest of the Arab and Islamic nations.

“The first foreign visit of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, after being appointed crown prince last June, was to Egypt. The visit resulted in the signing of economic agreements and memoranda of cooperation aimed at consolidating the partnership between the two brotherly countries for the benefit of the Egyptian and Saudi people,” he added.

Egyptian nationals are the largest Arab expatriate group in Saudi Arabia, representing about 40 percent of the Arab expatriates working in the Kingdom.

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