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Jabal Souda is one of the highest peaks in Saudi Arabia, and is located 25 kilometers from Abha city, Asir.
It is about 2,800 meters above sea level and is one of the most vegetated areas in the Kingdom.
Asir is located on a high plate and receives the most rainfall in the Kingdom. Jabal Soudas weather temperature is the coolest in the Kingdom, and it is widely praised for displaying the most attractive and dramatic views.
According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the highlands of Asir have witnessed rain and moderate weather temperatures that have attracted large numbers of visitors from all over the Kingdom and beyond.
Roads leading to famous parks in the region, such as Al-Souda, Bani Mazen village, Al-Habala, Al-Faraa, and the provinces of Namas and Tanuma, have seen a large volume of tourist traffic.
The tourism services in Abha have proved useful to visitors. The cable car experience provides an opportunity for visitors to see the beauty of nature in Asir, which is highlighted during the summer season.
Abha attracts guests and visitors seeking the refreshing atmosphere and landscapes.
Jabal Souda is part of a mountain range called the Sarawat Mountains, the largest in Saudi Arabia.

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