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JEDDAH: The Muslim World League (MWL) has joined Moroccos Mohammadian League of Scholars in a joint program to encourage enlightened Islamic speech and combat extremism.
A research and data sharing agreement between the two organizations was signed during a visit by Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa, MWL secretary-general, to the league headquarters in Rabat, where he met with Ahmed Al-Abadi, the organizations leader.
Along with information sharing, the agreement includes joint scientific research and publishing initiatives, and invitations to take part in conferences, panel discussions, cultural programs, and joint training programs and workshops.
A committee from both organizations will decide on an annual executive program to identify joint projects.
The agreement follows an international conference hosted by MWL with the Mohammadian League of Scholars under the theme “Deconstruction of Extremist Discourse.”
Leading thinkers and researchers from Saudi Arabia, Morocco, the UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria took part in the two-day conference early this month in Rabat.
The conference discussed interventions on deconstructing the extremist discourse, the intellectual ideas of extremists and their rebuttal, sectarian extremism and strategies to prevent the spread of extremism.
Earlier, Al-Issa said that cultural communication generates understanding among nations … and this leads to the alliance of civilizations.
He said extremism was a general and comprehensive concept, and to attribute it only to Islam was false since it also had intellectual, political and racial aspects.

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