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RIYADH: The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) has released an update to regulate the quality of services by telecommunications service providers (TSP) in the Kingdom.

The update includes standards and indicators that assess the quality of service and enables consumers to view comparative quality-of-service information on the following services: Internet, mobile phones and landlines, while the CITC categorizes providers on the volume of complaints that subscribers bring to the commission.

The CITC shared a sample complaint report for the fourth quarter 2017 that indicates a variation in the number of complaints posted on all services.

Two crucial businesses elements are on the line: Reputation and customers loyalty. The new indicator should encourage all carriers in Saudi Arabia — STC, Mobily, Zain, Go, Lebara and Virgin — to strategically build customer-centricity across the sector by creating a new unit for customer quality management and connect it to all other departments.

Telecommunication providers who intend to invest in enhancing the quality of service and problem-solving strategies will gain a broader market share than what they have today, and possibly increase their rates.

Providers not able to compete in service quality enhancement due to lack of know-how or resources will try new approaches to attract and retain clients from a marketing angle such as decreasing rates, promotions and offering new plans.

Disseminating a comparative data of service providers highlights two new significant values in the Saudi corporate market — transparency and quality customer service. The emergence of these two values will empower users, individuals and establishments to make informed decisions before purchasing any of the providers services listed on the indicator.

The new regulation aims to meet the following objectives: Develop services in telecommunication and information technology, provide consumers with a high quality of telecommunication services, and to motivate competitiveness among service providers, along with urging transparency among their registered users.

The telecommunication and information sectors play a significant role in all aspects of a country, and legislating a service quality indicator as part of the digital transformation in Saudi Arabia will create an environment that attracts new international service provider to enter the Saudi market.

Saudi Arabia is capitalizing on information technology. Dashboards to deal with challenges and monitor businesses performance, starting with the TCC execution plan to use data by the fourth quarter of 2018, will set the bar for quality of service in the telecommunication sector and force providers to be more customer-centric.

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