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JEDDAH: Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, adviser to King Salman, governor of Makkah and chairman of Makkah Region Development Authority, has adopted the authoritys operational plan for this years Hajj season.
The plan aims to increase efficiency of projects overseen by the authority at the holy sites, especially the Railway of the holy cities, the Jamarat facility, maintaining and operating toilets at the holy sites, monitoring the efficiency of Hajj services and establishing a database for Hajj services and updating it periodically.
Jalal bin Abdul Jalil Kaaki, spokesman for the Makkah Region Development Authority, said that the plan was developed under the supervision of Prince Khalid Al-Faisal and the follow-up of Makkahs deputy governor. The plan will be in line with the new projects implemented by the authority at the holy sites this year, as well as the projects implemented before. The authority will oversee operation of these projects to ensure pilgrims receive the best services.
Kaaki said the plan relies on constant and continuous coordination with all relevant authorities, especially those of the security sectors. The Secretary-General of the Authority, Hisham Al-Falih, is ensuring all relevant authorities work together to ensure the plans success.
He indicated that the authority has deployed all its administrative and technical cadres, adding up to more than 14,000 employees along with more than 400 mechanisms to implement the operational plan. The authority set specified mechanisms to be implemented on the field, and made sure all projects are fully ready to serve pilgrims.
He added that this years operational plan includes supervising all projects for pilgrims at the holy sites, including supervising the train that is expected to transport more than 350,000 pilgrims from Mina to Arafat and back to Mina. The train is set to transport a total of 2 million pilgrims during the Tashreeq days.
He added that the plan for the Al-Jamarat facility focuses on its readiness to receive pilgrims to perform the ritual of “Ramy Al-Jamarat,” which means stoning the devil, as well as maintaining and operating-related projects. The plan also focuses on completing the necessary requirements to provide 36,000 toilets for use during Hajj.

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