Police were seen pursuing a group of people on jet skis down the Thames yesterday in a James Bond-esque chase.

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)'s water division confirmed yesterday evening that it had been called to the scene following reports of the jet ski riders speeding down the river.

"Marine Policing Unit officers pursued four jet skis this evening after reports that they were speeding down the River Thames. The jet skis were approaching central London and we were able to make them change their course," it wrote on Twitter.

"The decision was taken to no longer pursue the jet skis for safety reasons."

Police boat vs jet ski chase through Greenwich just now. #maritinepolice #london #policechase #greenwich #jetski #news #police #thames #metpolice #getaway pic.twitter.com/LF8XIlhL6H

— sadler1046 (@sadler1046) August 3, 2018

Onlookers watched on as the police boat chased the four jet skis down the Thames past the O2 stadium, in similar fashion to the scene in 1999 Bond film The World Is Not Enough.

Jet skis are not permitted past the Thames barrier due to rules related to safety and protecting local wildlife.

We thought you was playing with them pic.twitter.com/a2s8uLZzzw

— Sebastian (@SpatCawood) August 4, 2018




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