Jeremy Corbyn's approval rating has fallen to the lowest level since May 2017, as the Labour leader fails to grapple with the antisemitism claims dogging his party.

A new YouGov poll found just 22 per cent would support him as Prime Minister, compared with 36 per cent of people backing Theresa May.

Neither of those two options were as popular as 'Don't Know', which received 39 per cent of the vote, with a further three per cent refusing to choose.

However in July that figure reached 40 per cent, suggesting some people have warmed up to May since the start of recess.

Conservatives are now four points ahead of Labour when people were asked which party they would vote for in a a General Election, securing 39 per cent of respondents versus 35 per cent for Labour. That was a rise of one percentage point on last week for the Tories, while Labour had fallen three percentage points.

Liberal Democrats remained on 10 per cent.




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