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JEDDAH: President of The General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection, Dr. Khalil Musleh Al-Thaqafi, announced that the authority will establish its first hypothesis on the different weather phenomena within Saudi Arabia, the first of its kind in the Kingdom.
During an inauguration ceremony to open the most recent weather forecast centers entitled the “Management of Analysis and Projections” at the headquarters on Monday, Al-Thaqafi said the authority will work on applying the hypothesis to increase the readiness of government entities.
Al-Thaqafi said the newly-opened center is supplied with the latest technologies, as well as highly qualified national cadres in supplying meteorological services in the authority.
The authoritys head was briefed on new equipments, the progress of meteorological forecasting and the readiness of the management of modern meteorological techniques, radars, meteorological and satellite stations as well as the departments tasks in providing forecasts, warnings and information to the public.
Al-Thaqafi said during a press conference that the authority will be ready to serve pilgrims during this Hajj season, which as part of its preparations, had been intensifying its efforts and technical capabilities in order to provide the most accurate environmental and meteorological information during the annual pilgrimage.

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