Saudi Arabias Presidency of State Security, the kingdoms security body which was created in 2017, posted for the first time on Twitter on Tuesday, reaffirming the kingdoms rejection of radicals who use the war on extremism to spread their own radical goals.

The security apparatus quoted Saudi Arabias King Salman bin Abdulaziz who had that there is no place for those who see Saudi Arabias war on extremism as a means to spread chaos and disintegration, and those who exploit religion to spread their own goals.

The kingdoms Presidency of State Security quoted King Salman who had said: “There is no place among us for a radical who sees moderation as impiety, and exploits the noble doctrine to achieve his goals. And there is no place among us for a degenerate who sees in our war on extremism a means to spread disintegration, and who exploits the ease of religion to spread his own goals.”

The security body combines the counterterrorism and domestic intelligence services under one roof. It is concerned with all matters related to state security, and is overseen by the king.

In another tweet on its official Twitter page, the security apparatus also quoted Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who had said that the kingdom will eliminate the remnants of extremism “in the near future.”

“We will eliminate the remnants of extremism in the near future. I do not think this poses a challenge. We represent the values of tolerance, and moderation, and we have a right in everything we face,” the crown prince had previously said.

The Presidency of State Security is meant to enable the Interior Ministry to provide the best services to citizens and residents in all sectors. The new presidency will be able to focus on the fight against terrorism on the security and intelligence levels, as well as monitor its financing.


Last Update: Tuesday, 4 December 2018 KSA 07:15 – GMT 04:15