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RIYADH: Saudi Arabia was recently treated to a showcase of South Korean culture, including food, music, games and entertainment.
The 2018 Korean Cultural Day, hosted by the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Jeddah in association with the Korean International School, aimed to raise awareness of the country and its culture among people in Saudi Arabia, while strengthening ties between the two countries.
Everything on show at the event was produced by young people in Saudi Arabia, from countries including the Kingdom, Egypt and Syria, with an interest in Korean culture.
In addition, the first K-pop (Korean pop music) and K-drama (television drama from Korea) fan clubs in the Kingdom took part in the event. Together they boast a total of 63 members, reflecting the growing international interest in Korean culture.
“This remarkable gathering has been designed to strengthen the mutual cultural understanding between our nations, and (showcase) Koreas own traditional games, language, cuisine and music,” said Sang-Kyoun Lee, the consul general of the Republic of Korea.
He thanked all the young people who had contributed to the success of the event. The diplomat said: “Without your tireless, non-ending efforts, the great festival would not have been possible. Because of each and every one of you, we have now reached a remarkable milestone together. None of this could have been done without the commitment of the Saudi people, which has brought this event to fruition today.
“I hope that exposure to Koreas unique culture will inspire the younger Saudi generations, intrigue them and encourage them to explore our rich culture through such initiatives as K-fan clubs, like the ones here today.
“Based on our history, Korea and Saudi Arabia have shared a strong partnership since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1962. Bound by common values of trust and prosperity, the two countries have become indispensable partners to each others future.”
Saudi Arabia and South Korea enjoy friendly ties.
Since the inception of bilateral relations, the two countries have witnessed a qualitative leap and great development in many fields, including politics, economy, education, culture, and health and many other fields.
Korea offers residency programs for Saudi physicians and dentists. Currently, a total of 73 Saudi physicians and dentists have been enrolled in these training programs.

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