Mon, 2019-05-06 23:30

RIYADH: The Saudi Ministry of Justice has invited men and women to apply for job openings in courtrooms and notary offices throughout the Kingdom.

Applicants for the grade-6 vacancies at the ministry, must hold a bachelors degree in legal fields and be fluent in the Arabic language. They will also be required to have administrative and social specializations, along with accounting, record-keeping and archiving experience.

The positions can be applied for through the ministrys website, and the National Center for Assessment (Qiyas) will test to see if candidates meet the required standards. The registration process begins on May 19 and will continue for one week.

On Sunday, the king issued a royal order appointing 54 judges at the Ministry of Justice.

Justice Minister Walid Al-Samaani expressed his thanks and appreciation to the king for his continuing support for the judiciary. The ministry has trained around 16,000 employees over the past four years to develop the workforce and raise its productivity level.

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