NEW DELHI: While felicitation of the new party president was on and the baton was being handed over to JP Nadda, PM Narendra Modi on Monday recalled several features of outgoing party chief and home minister Amit Shahs five-and-half year-long tenure saying the party reached new heights without compromising on values, and the line between the party organisation and the government was never allowed to dilute.
“Amit Bhai Ka karyakal hamesha hamesha yaad rahega (the tenure of Amit Shah will be remembered forever),” said Modi. The PM showered lavish praise on Shahs style of leadership, during which BJP witnessed massive membership drives. At the same time, there was a message for Nadda about sustaining discipline among the cadres.
Shah cited Naddas elevation to once again highlight as to how BJP was different from several other parties as exRead More – Source


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