Issued on: 29/01/2020 – 16:47Modified: 29/01/2020 – 16:46

This week, we introduce you to a woman who has been advocating for peace and women's rights in Yemen, a country where simply speaking about politics is deemed dangerous. Because of her work, Hind Al-Eriyani was forced to move from Turkey to Sweden in search of asylum. The award-winning Yemeni journalist is now being criticised for a piece she published on homosexuality. She tells us more.


Meanwhile, Amnesty International says 400 people have been injured as security forces crack down on protests in Lebanon. FRANCE 24's correspondent Leila Molana-Allen spoke to a number of people wounded during those clashes, including a young man who had to have surgery to rebuild his face.

And tens of thousands of people have been imprRead More – Source