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JAMMU: With more than 10,000 per million tests, Jammu and Kashmir has emerged as the top tester pan-India, Rohit Kansal, spokesperson and principal secretary to the government, information and power development departments, said on Monday.
J&Ks testing capacity has gone up from just 100 tests a day in March, 1800 tests per day in April to 8100 tests now daily — an increase of 350%, Kansal said at a press conference, adding that aggressive testing is the only effective weapon to curb the spread of the virus.
More than 90,000 — 66024 persons by road, 25400 via special trains and 652 by air — people have returned to the UT in the past four weeks. “There are still, however, several worrying factors remaining. Fifteen deaths have occurred in the last month alone, with at least twoRead More – Source


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