Issued on: 23/09/2020 – 20:06

What does a fair and realistic migrant policy look like in 2020? Just two weeks after the fires that gutted Europe's largest refugee camp on the Greek isle of Lesbos, the European Commission is unveiling its plan to reform the so-called Dublin protocol, which up to now obliged asylum seekers to register in their port of entry, thus making it Greece, Italy and Malta's problem.


We ask our panel about the Moria camp and whether the reform makes for a fairer system. In a year of Covid-19, policymakers are feeling the heat from both sides. The Commission president's native Germany is polarised, with some calling on Berlin to take in refugees while in other parts, the far-right grows louder.

Over in Italy, the far right may have suffered setbacks in regional elections this week but if citizens feel abandoned by Europe, who knows how high Matteo Salvini and his ilk will go? And what about Central European states who under the reform can sponsor refugees instead of taking them in?

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