NEW DELHI: Except West Bengal where cases increased slightly, all other states in the top 10 category contributing to the country’s caseload showed a decline in new cases on Monday as compared to previous day even as Chhattisgarh replaced UP among the high burden states reporting fresh cases.
For the first time in nearly three months, less than 50,000 new cases of Covid-19 were detected while daily testing also rose to over 10.32 lakh samples on Monday as compared to less than 10 lakh samples tested during three previous days.
Powered by the drop in new cases and rising number of recoveries among patients, active cases also declined fur ther to below 7.5 lakh, comprising less than 10% of the total Covid-19 load so far.
On Monday, 46,790 people tested positive for the disease. This is the lowest number of daily Covid-19 cases reported since 26 July. The new cases were 47,703 on July 27, after which it had remained above 50,000 for 84 days.
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