30,000 people are on a waiting list to buy a £90 jumper

30,000 people are on a waiting list to buy a £90 jumper
(Picture: sincerelyjules/Instagram)

Every season there’s one piece of clothing that goes viral.

You see it (usually a Zara coat) everywhere. There’s nothing like the thought of loads of people having something to make you want it too. That’s basically how fashion works – sheep mentality x style x price.

But nothing can explain exactly why over 30,000 are waiting to buy one particular jumper from French label Sezane.

The Barry Cardigan is possibly the most coveted cardigan in the world.

Obviously, it’s sold out but it’s about to be restocked.

It’s part of the label’s La Liste collection of iconic Parisian pieces and can be worn backwards, casually slipping off the shoulders.

It first launched in September in black, grey, ecru and nude and they’ve added a few other shades since.

But it keeps selling out.

30,000 people are on a waiting list to buy a £90 jumper
(Picture: Sezane)

The black and grey came back in stock last week and immediately sold out again, while the white and nude are due to restocked today…and they’ll probably be gone before you go home tonight.


Who knows why it’s so popular.

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It looks super soft and warm and chic but that doesn’t quite explain the hype.

It’s not even that expensive, retailing at £90.

Perhaps it’s something to do with all the influencers candidly posing in their Barrys.

Who knows…but if you want it, you could be in for a long wait.

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